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Australia is a prime immigration destination. Because of its education facilities, healthcare, job opportunities, and standard of living, hundreds of thousands of people want to relocate to Australia to start a new life. We help thousands of people to resettle in Australia – either alone, or with their spouse and family. We will explore every option open to you so that we find the most appropriate route to match your circumstances. Not every client will have existing Australian links, such as a relative already resident, so our support will often find you an alternative means of access to Australia, perhaps via employment or educational study. 

Originally founded by Lawyers and immigration professionals, in less than two decades we have grown into the world's largest and most successful Immigration solution, with offices in Australia and across the globe. Our success rate is second to none, and over 94 per cent of our clients would refer us to a friend or family member.

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Who can go to Australia?

Our job is to build a strong case for your immigration which demonstrates you can benefit Australia. We not only guide you through the application procedure and provide advocacy services, to maximise your chances of success, we also assist you with presentation so that immigration officials see you as an asset to the country. 

There are numerous options for immigrating to Australia, and every visa has specified entry criteria and a unique processing timetable determined by its complexity. As processing times – and prices – are set by the Australian immigration authority, Brighter can neither control, nor change them. 

How to Stay in Australia Permanently

The nearest Australian equivalent to the US Green Card is termed 'permanent residence' status. Many overseas citizens working, studying, or conducting business on temporary and provisional Australian visas become eligible for permanent residence once they have met the residency requirements, which frequently involve staying in Australia for a set time.

There are different immigration routes to becoming permanently resident in Australia, and our fully trained staff will assess your case and advise on the best pathway to select for your individual circumstances. These options include:

General Skilled Migration

– the best option for those aged 18-45 without a sponsoring employer

Employer Nomination Scheme

this route is often the best choice for clients who have secured a job offer, via the International Employment Preparation Service, from a sponsoring Australian employer 

Regional Sponsored Nomination Scheme – this is a suitable option for anyone nominated for a full-time position

Business Development

– this may be the most appropriate route if your relocation to Australia concerns business development or investment 

Each option requires a minimum period living in Australia before you become eligible to apply for permanent residency status. At Brighter Visas, our fully qualified experts and migration agents are here to answer your questions about different types of visa, long-term immigration, and Australian permanent residence status. For more information you could visit  or for regulated professional help

February 14, 2015

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Welcome to Brighter Visas, we have immigration experts based in our offices world wide.

Since 1996 we have protected peoples rights and won Immigration cases, securing visas for our clients world wide. We believe we are now the largest and most successful Immigration and visa firm in the world. Servicing both individuals and business needs. We hope you find our site full of helpful advice from our Immigration and visa experts. Brighter Visas employs qualified solicitors, accredited immigration consultants and ex-immigration officers to help our clients win their case, guaranteeing our rate of success continues to be excellent with the highest levels of service.

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My experience with Brighter Visas has been wonderful so far. From the day of my assessment to the day of my application to the day of searching for employment, everything has been very smooth. My consultant, Mr. Luke, has been very helpful and accommodating with all my inquiries and needs. He's always available whenever I have questions or when I'm in need of his assistance. He calls me from time-to-time to update me of my case and assures me that everything is going well, which is why I never worry of my application because I'm confident that I am in good hands and in a good team. Brighter Visas also sends e-news letters, which give me more options and knowledge of the employment in my desired country.

I have already recommended Brighter Visas to my friends and would recommend it to my colleagues.

Thank You, Brighter Visas!


The whole experience of using Brighter Visas was very professional and dealt with extremely efficiently, from initial enquiries with Chetan to structuring the application and final outcome with Simin.

I would recommend Brighter to anyone looking to immigrate and in need of an agent.

Many thanks for a pleasant service and great outcome.


The immigration consultant was very knowlegeable and provided me with a regular update on my case. I never imagined it was for real until i got an email that my green card has been approved. At this point, i am more than willingly to recommend Brighter Visas to friends and family members since they truly are the best in rendering professisonal immigration services to people world over.


It is difficult to explain how good it felt when my visa was approved.  Years of dreaming about living overseas out of the smoke.  Then applying to make the move before I got too old with my whole family was so stressful and exciting but also I was very anxious.  I just want to say thanks to the whole team for my visa but most of all for giving me months of free therapy when I needed a little reassurance I was doing the right thing.  

I love my new life and my kids are doing so well in School it is just amazing.